• Independent Study & Internship Program


  • The Independent Study & Internship Program (ISIP) offers every eligible junior and senior the opportunity to explore an academic or vocational interest through a self-designed, two- or three-week course of study. ISIP encourages interdisciplinary skills and connected knowledge through student investigation of a specialized area of interest with the assistance of an ISIP advisor and an off-campus advisor (for off-campus projects).
    A full description of ISIP is given to students in the fall and is published on our Google GSA Students site, which students can access when logged into their school Google accounts. Participation in ISIP requires parent consent. 
    Students who are failing more than one course at the end of the first semester (and are therefore on academic probation during the second semester) are not permitted to participate in ISIP. Students who do not participate in ISIP must continue to attend school during the ISIP period.