• Eligibility Rules

    Age Limitation
    An athlete must be under the age of twenty at the time of participation.

    Physical Examination
    An athlete must have passed a current 2-year physical exam. Record of the physical must be on file in the Athletic Office.

    The following academic eligibility rule has been adopted by George Stevens Academy:

    Most students successfully balance their academic work and extra-curricular commitments. However, students who do not achieve and maintain satisfactory academic standing will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities that require significant and sustained time commitments, until there is clear evidence of academic improvement. Such activities include jazz band/combo, drama, and competitive interscholastic activities such as athletics, chess team, and math team. Activities or events that are required for an academic class, such as field trips and band performances, are not affected by ineligibility criteria.


    The eligibility policy was changed for the 2018-2019 academic year.  The policy is included in the student/parent handbook.  It can be accessed by the following link.  https://www.georgestevensacademy.org/Page/721

    Risk of Participation
    All athletes and parents must realize the risk of serious injury, which may be the result of athletic participation. George Stevens Academy will use the following safeguards to make very effort to eliminate injury:

    • Conduct a mandatory parent/athlete meeting prior to the start of the season to fully explain the athletic policies and to advise, caution and warn parents/athletes of the potential for injury.
    • Require coaches to keep up-to-date on techniques and skills to be taught in their sport.
    • Instruct all athletes about the danger of participation in the particular sport.