• Industrial Tech & Engineering

    Our Industrial Technology and Engineering courses are popular with students going directly into the trades, but also with students who plan to study engineering or architecture in college but want a practical foundation first.


    Nearly all are primarily hands-on/experiential ...

    Students in our woodworking, home repair, drafting, and other courses practice the very skills they will need if they choose to pursue careers in construction, boatbuilding, engine repair, and related fields.


    ... but they aren’t just about using your hands.

    Students also learn to understand specialized terminology, read plans and diagrams, and put their ideas down on paper in ways that others will understand.


    About a third involve substantial practical life education.

    The skills students learn serve them not only in their careers, but in their lives. They learn problem-solving techniques and how to use the tools and equipment needed for building, maintenance, and repair projects.


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