• Computer Technology

    Our Computer Technology courses prepare students well for the future by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed here and now.


    All our courses are primarily experiential.

    They teach basic through advanced skills through practical, hands-on exercises and projects that emphasize and encourage the development of each student’s innate sense of self-expression and personal viewpoint.


    They support other GSA courses and prepare students for further study.

    Digital Lifestyles, for instance, focuses on reinforcing basic computer skills and delivering a solid foundation in the software packages used in virtually all academic departments at GSA.

         2D, 3D, Video Technology, Web Publishing, and Digital Publishing support visual arts courses by giving them the experience of translating analog hand skills to digital skills. For students with an interest in commercial art, these skills are extremely important and a vocational necessity.

         Robotics and Java support Industrial Technology and Engineering courses by providing students with their first experience with pure coding and design, and building and programming machines.


    They prepare students well for career success.

    Students who successfully complete some or all of these courses understand how individual creativity drives accomplishment in technology, appreciate the technical discipline needed to support that creativity, have specific skills with professional-level software programs, understand the importance of a methodical approach to problem-solving that emphasizes student initiative, and have a clear picture not only of the job opportunities available to those interested in a technology career, but also how their coursework provides a technology foundation necessary in other careers.


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