• Health & Physical Education
    Helping students become self-confident and encouraging good character are important parts of our mission here, and our health and physical education courses do that and more.


    Our courses prepare students to lead healthy, happy lives.

    Our Health course teaches students the fundamentals of achieving overall physical, mental, and social well-being. Students learn how to achieve well-being now and as they navigate significant life events in the near future, to reflect on their long-term health, especially as it relates to nutrition, and to get help when they need it.

          Our physical education courses help students establish a pattern of lifelong activity, understand and appreciate the benefits of exercise, including its physical and mental effects, and understand the comparative benefits of aerobic exercise and strength training. They also learn outdoor recreation skills and how movement aids in stress reduction.


    Their benefits extend far beyond the classroom.

    Advanced Fitness Training, Experiential Education and Outdoor Leadership (EEOL), Health, and Physical Education all involve substantial practical life lessons that serve students well now and will continue to serve them long into the future.

         Our EEOL course draws substantially on the area’s natural resources, which connects students with the community and teaches them to create those connections wherever they live. Whitewater rafting, canoeing, fishing, and orienteering are just a few of the activities through which students engage with nature on the Blue Hill Peninsula, at Acadia National Park, and in other locations across the state.

         Dance helps students understand the music and movement of other cultures, which prepares them well to engage with people of other cultures around the world.


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