• Visual & Performing Arts

    As our visual and performing arts courses are primarily hands-on, they engage our students with the purposeful practice needed to thrive in the arts. They find meaning and purpose in art, and it enriches their lives, whether they see art as a career or as an essential part of a happy life.


    Our courses prepare students for college and careers.

    As our visual artists explore their creativity, they become more confident in both their conceptual and technical art skills. They learn how to create an art portfolio whether for admission to schools or to get their work into galleries. Students in AP art and the 2D, 3D, and photo courses make real-world connections, and for those who may not pursue fine arts careers, they learn what it takes to succeed in commercial art.

         Our performing artists also develop their creativity and confidence, all while learning to put on a show. When they leave the classroom and the stage, they take with them a polished performance repertoire for college auditions and their careers.


    More than half connect students to the community.

    Through active participation in the arts, our students take their place in the community.

         Our visual artists build community connections through visits with some of the many artists who live and work here. Our Spring Arts Festival brings that community onto campus for the benefit of all GSA students, not just arts students.

         The GSA Jazz Band, Band, and combos perform often, whether at the Blue Hill Fair, basketball games, community concerts, or competitions. Our extracurricular drama program produces a fall play and and a one-act play for competition in spring.


    More than half connect students to other cultures.

    Many visual arts courses draw on the art of other cultures and look closely at how the visual elements, materials, and meaning differ.

         Our performing artists are exposed to music and theater from across time and around the world.


    Our students learn the importance of attitude.

    Our artists learn to think creatively and to express that creativity while finding their voice.

         Our visual arts students open themselves up to constructive criticism through peer critiques. They develop high self-motivation and a goal-setting mindset. They learn that what they first thought was failure may be a building block for success. They learn that perserverance is key to overcoming obstacles.

         Our performing artists learn to take constructive criticism well and to set high performance standards. They also strengthen their collaborative and improvisational mindsets.


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