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    The World Language Department offers French and Spanish. The French and Spanish programs are four-year comprehensive programs of study. Both programs offer an Honors and College Prep program. The courses are designed to encompass the four fundamental areas of language acquisition: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Culture also is a very important aspect of the curriculum. 


    The most competitive colleges and universities require four years of Foreign Language study (Harvard, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Bowdoin are examples), therefore students are strongly encouraged to complete the four-year sequence in the French and Spanish programs. This also fulfills the admission requirements and/or recommendations of ALL colleges and universities, thus enhancing a student’s transcript in the very competitive college selection process. 


    *Fun Fact: Many of our students study a combination these two languages. 


    *Fun Fact: A study through the National Center for Educational Statistics shows that SAT Math scores were highest among those students with a four-year foreign language sequence whether that student had taken two or four years of math. 


    GSA has always accommodated students coming into the language programs with previous language experience. Students may request a placement test to determine the best level of study. Incoming freshmen will be tested at GSA at the end of their eighth-grade year if they request a placement test.


    Finally, beyond having credentials for the competitive college admission process, studying a language enhances one’s world view in our global society, and is JUST PLAIN FUN!


    Here are most of the courses we offer.

    • French I Honors
    • French II 
    • French II Honors
    • French III Honors
    • French IV Honors
    • Spanish I
    • Spanish I Honors
    • Spanish II
    • Spanish II Honors
    • Spanish III
    • Spanish III Honors
    • Spanish IV
    • Spanish IV Honors 

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