• Mathematics
    Our math courses prepare students for careers and life.

    Our students aspire to careers of all kinds, and all kinds of careers depend on math fluency. Strong math skills are essential in fields like accounting, health care, engineering, computer programming, architecture, sales, and science, but they are also necessary in other careers.

         Farmers use math, including algebra, to analyze soil samples, calculate the need for soil amendments, track production and sales, calibrate equipment, and more. Carpenters, plumbers, and electricians use arithmetic, geometry, statistics, and even calculus for preparation of estimates, planning, measuring, and other job tasks. Commercial fishermen need math skills for things like business accounting, projecting fuel and bait needs, and understanding fish stock models and quota allocations. Managers use math skills for tasks like scheduling, resource allocation, and productivity analysis.

         To help them meet their career goals, we offer our students different pathways of courses. Foundations courses prepare students well for work, technical schools, and certificate programs. College-prep courses ready them for selective colleges, while honors and AP courses prepare them for more selective colleges and math-intensive careers like engineering and economics. Along the way, they master a set amount of knowledge in math language and notation; algebraic functions, graphs, and models; geometric properties, shapes, and models, to the depth required by their specific pathway.


    They support student work in other courses.

    While on these pathways, students learn skills that serve them well in science, social studies, industrial technology and engineering courses, as well as other classes where calculations are made and measurements are taken.


    Classroom tested, AP approved

    Our Advanced Placement math courses have passed College Board course audits, which confirm that our courses meet or exceed the expectations of colleges and universities.

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