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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the purpose of my I-20 form?
    Every non-U.S. citizen needs this form to acquire a student visa; the student visa allows you to attend George Stevens Academy. Your student visa must apply for at least your first year at George Stevens Academy. In addition, you need the I-20 form whenever you travel, both within the U.S. borders and especially when you leave the U.S. This form and your VISA are your legal documents from the U.S. Immigration Department and should be kept safe and secure at all times. It is suggested that these items be given to the Boarding Admissions Office for safekeeping when not traveling.


    Q: How do I plan my travel?
    Please review the 2021-2022 Boarding Student Information & Forms document, which includes information about transportation a
    nd a copy of the 2021-2022 Boarding Student Calendar. Bangor International Airport (BGR) in Bangor, Maine and Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, Massachussetts offer the widest range of flight options. Flights into Logan International Airport (BOS) will require a connecting flight to Bangor International Airport (BGR) or a connecting bus to Bangor, Maine. The GSA Boarding Program will provide transportation from the Bangor International Airport (BGR), the Concord Coach Lines bus terminal, or the Greyhound Lines bus terminal in Bangor only. Accepted students should contact the Boarding Admissions Office very early on in the travel planning process. We can help, and we have plenty of experience with how to get here! For some preliminary information about transportation options near campus, click here.


    Q: What clothing should I bring to school?
    The weather in Maine and New England can be very unpredictable. As the saying goes, "if you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes." During the Fall, it can be 80°s (25° Celsius) one day and 40° (5° Celsius) the next. Warm clothes are definitely needed for the winter: coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc. Our dress code is informal, so plan to bring items that are practical for the weather and comfortable for you. Dressier clothes (dresses, sport coats, ties, etc.) are only needed occasionally. If you have questions about clothing, you can wait until you arrive on campus, as there will be opportunities to shop during the school year.


    Q: Cell Phone coverage
    , Verizon, and US Cellular all support 4G LTE service in and around Blue Hill and the surrounding area. You can either take out a contract with one of these companies before you arrive on campus or we can help you take out a contract with one of these companies once you're on campus. GSA Boarding Students are required to have a mobile device with voice and text capability apart from WiFi capability.


    Q: Spending Money?
    Bar Harbor Bank
     is located across from our campus and has ATM (Cash machine) services that link to most major banking systems. Most international students have Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit cards for purchases. We strongly discourage students from keeping large amounts of cash in their rooms.