• Become A Boarding Student!

    The Application Process

    Step 1 | Learn More

    Please complete our Inquiry Form and provide us with your name and email so that our Boarding Admissions Team can reach out with a digital view book, program videos, and more!


    Step 2 | Schedule an Interview

    Please complete our Pre-Visit Form to generate an admissions profile for our Boarding Admissions Office to reference and then give our office a call at +1 (207) 374-2808 or email at admissions@georgestevens.org to schedule an interview, in person or virtual. The interview is the starting point for admission to the GSA Boarding Program.


    Step 3 | Apply

    The GSA Boarding Program accepts the Standard Application Online (SAO) and accepts applications on a rolling basis for admission through both fall and winter semesters. Please visit the Standard Application Online to create an account and begin the application process. The following materials will need to be submitted in order to complete your application file:

    • Student Essays
    • Parent Statement
    • Math Teacher Recommendation
    • English Teacher Recommendation
    • Principal/Guidance Counselor Recommendation
    • School Report and Transcript Forms
    • Your SSAT (school code 3367), PSAT, TOEFL (school code 8826), or TOEFL Jr. scores
    • A one-time, nonrefundable fee of $50


    International Applicants: International applicants for whom English is not the primary spoken language must have TOEFL scores sent directly to George Stevens Academy (GSA’s TOEFL Code is: 8826).


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