• Brit Lit Looks at Morality Plays

    Students in Erin McCormick’s Brit Lit class were given 20 minutes last week to pick out costumes and props, and in two groups, create an original medieval morality play to stage for each other. They also drew their own versions of morality play costumes in class.

         In a morality play, characters portray traits, like virtue, vice, justice, or jealousy, and the play is meant to teach a moral.

         Students created plays about bullying leading to trouble and how lying never benefits you, with various student deciding to be their own versions of the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, glutton, wrath, and sloth.

         This fun activity prepared students to read works by master morality playwrights Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare this week. Thanks for sharing these photos, Erin!