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    College & Career Launch Night

    The Class of 2022 College & Career Kick Off was September 28. Thank you to all the parents/guardians and seniors who attended!

         “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

         This Mary Oliver quote starts nearly every presentation by Peter Goss. Seniors are standing on a “hinge point,” he said, at a time of great transition that can be both “exciting and terrifying.”

         GSA’s Director of College and Career Counseling assured parents that he is a resource for them just as much as for seniors who are about to choose which path to take after graduation.

         This path is rarely direct or easy to see. “Probably nine out of ten adults,” he said, followed a winding path from high school to their current jobs, so students should not be afraid to change their minds.

         And it’s okay for students to say “I don’t know” as they consider whether to enter the workforce, pursue a two or four-year degree, take a gap year, or follow any other path next year.

         Peter stressed that not knowing doesn’t mean they should just relax for the rest of the school year. Students should commit themselves to exploring their interests and researching the possibilities, something he is happy to help with.

         Peter also pointed out that his title includes both “College” and “Career,” and that he is just as ready to help students who plan to seek employment after high school as those who plan to go to college. Sometimes, however, because there are so many details and deadlines associated with attending college, it can seem like he’s more focused on post-secondary education. But he is happy to help students explore their interests, cultivate connections and employment opportunities, write resumes, investigate skill-building opportunities, and more.

         But as with so many things, the sooner students get started in exploring their options, the better.

         For more information, visit www.georgestevensacademy.org/CollegeCareer. Better yet, email Peter to make an appoinment.