• The RISE Program

    The Road to Independence, Self-Advocacy and Empowerment Program at George Stevens Academy provides a learning environment to students whose academic, social, emotional, or behavioral needs require highly supportive and supervised special education services throughout the school day. The program fosters enhanced support for students with special needs in the mainstreamed classrooms and in a nurturing classroom experience with one-to-one specially designed instruction.

         The RISE program has found great success by embracing a culture that embodies opportunity to feel a part of a community. The program promotes independence in academic growth, life skills, social/emotional skills, and executive functioning skills. Our program supports our students as they become more empowered to make healthy choices in their school experiences and guides them towards being active participants in their communities now and into their future.

         Our students are given opportunities to practice life skills and are supported and guided as they discover their career interests. Our RISE program educators guide our students through their academic years by providing support in finding effective tools and strategies to feel successful. Ongoing communication with students’ families, special service providers, and education teams is key to ensuring that students are provided with the support necessary for their growth, development, and post-secondary transition plans.