poetry contest display


    Poetry Contest Winners Announced

    Congratulations to the GSA Poetry Contest winners and those who received honorable mentions. The contest was organized by Librarian Libby Edwardson to follow National Poetry Month. In preparation, Libby created a display in the library that touched on ways to create poetry other than just sitting down and writing, methods like book spine poetry and blackout poetry.

         Note: Some students entered poems under pen names.

    CLICK HERE for a beautiful PDF of all the winning/honorable mention poems created by Libby Edwardson. It's a large file, so it may take a while to load.

         First place and overall best poem was awarded to Anna Trowbridge. “Anna's use of sensory details transports the reader to the quiet stillness of an empty milking barn,” Libby wrote about Anna's poem. “With each carefully chosen word, she breathes life into the scene until we feel we are standing in that dimly lit barn watching it all unfold. Beautifully done.”

         Read a PDF of Anna’s poem here.

         Second place was awarded to Dakota Scroger Emerton. “Dakota's poem uses humor to remind us that, even though we are mere specks in a vast and ever-expanding universe, our family is always watching,” Libby wrote. “A good reminder on both fronts. Well done.”

         Read a PDF of Dakota’s poem here.

         Third place was awarded to Jenny Mischell. “Jenny's poem illustrates that you don't need many words to create a powerful piece of poetry,” Libby wrote. “Jenny leaves us room to imagine what might be in the sketchbooks, wonder what kind of relationship the writer had/has with their mom, and reflect on our own moms' relationships. Sometimes what is said in the space between the lines is as meaningful as the lines themselves. Evocative and thought-provoking.”

         Read a PDF of Jenny’s poem here.

         Several students received honorable mentions for their poems: Kyle Gray (Best Use of Repetition), Isla Day (Best Simile), Phill Ciampa (Best Use of Rhyme), Robbie Lloyd (Best Last Line), Lukas Robinson (Best Line Break), and Thalleous (Best Invented Form).

         Read a PDF of Libby’s comments about the honorable mention recipients’ poems and excerpts from those poems here.

         Thank you to everyone who participated and to Libby for organizing the contest!