• Volleyball Team Wins Championship

    Congratulations to the GSA volleyball team on its PVC Small School championship victory on April 12 against last year’s state champions, the No. 3 Woodland Dragons, proving that the Eagles’ No. 1-ranking was much deserved.

         From the first set, which our Eagles won 25-23, it was clear that this would be a competitive match. After the break, Woodland took the second set by six points and the third by eight points. Then GSA servers led the team in putting together strings of winners to take the fourth set 25-22. In the tie-breaking fifth set (the first of the year for GSA) both teams came out strong, but the motivated and focused GSA squad was stronger, clinching the championship 15-12.

         Consistently strong coaching played a big role in the match, as it has all season. More than once, when the momentum seemed to shift in Woodland’s favor, a quick time out to regroup helped our Eagles get back on track.

         After the match, the players were met by cheering friends and family who had watched the competition outside Brewer High School.

         Congratulations to the volleyball team on its first championship in only its fifth year of official MPA play. We hope it is the first of many.