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    Alien Abduction Caught on Camera! (not)

    Jazz Immunity combo members are seen in the photo above being beamed up by a spaceship after the students went outside to investigate a loud rumbling noise.

         Okay, so this was just a fun way of sharing a fun photo on April Fools' Day. The members of Jazz Immunity, just like the Jazz Band, Early Birds combo, and others, were waiting for their chance to record for the Maine State Instrumental Jazz Festival, and they thought this would be far more fun that a photo of them posing seriously. Thanks for the photo idea! 

         Schools across the state are busy preparing their submissions to this year's virtual state festival. It'll take quite some time to judge all the entries, so we're not sure when the results will be announced, but we do know that our GSA jazz performances will be out of this world! (Especially if the aliens get that beam working again.)

         Best of luck to everyone!