• Boarding Tuition and Fees (2021-22)

         Application Fee: A one-time, nonrefundable fee of $50 should accompany the application.

         Academic Tuition: $16,500 per year

         Boarding Fee: $33,500 per year

    This fee includes housing, meals, book rental, and most regular school activities.

         International Student Fee: $2,500 per year 

         ESOL Fee: $3,000 per semester at 3 classes per week or $5,700 per semester at 6 classes per week. (Our English Fluency Test determines the need for ESOL courses.)

         Enrollment Deposit: An enrollment deposit and due date will be outlined in each new student's individual contract. Returning students will receive their re-enrollment contracts with instructions in mid-February.

         Student Health Insurance at School Cost: $2,200 per year

    This is required for students who do not have health or accident insurance that is valid in the United States.

         Damage Deposit: $500  

         Student Incidental Spending Deposit: $2,000 

    The cost of items such as transportation, damage to school property or housing facilities, and lost books, which are not covered by tuition, will be deducted from this deposit and itemized on an invoice. Unused funds will be carried over to the student’s account for the next year. Any remaining balance will be refunded after graduation upon request.


    Financial Aid

    Boarding applicants can click this link to apply for financial aid. For more information, email admissions@georgestevens.org or call (207) 374-2808.