• Eagle 1 Getting New Sweeps

    Students in John Brooks’ Boatbuilding class have been busy building new sweeps, long oars each pulled by a single person, for Eagle 1, GSA’s St. Ayles skiff.

         A small vessel like a dinghy can be rowed effectively by one person with two oars, but St. Ayles skiffs measure 22’ long. It takes more power to propel them through the water, power typically provided by four people, each of whom can put all their strength into pulling a single sweep. Their efforts, of course, must be synchronized to ensure that the boat goes as straight as possible.

         The new sweeps that students are working on are lighter and more manageable, John said, but still stiff enough. He said that their spoon-shaped blades should push water more effectively, and that is important for a “slippery boat.” The class is making two sizes of sweeps, 10’ and 12’. The shorter sweeps will be easier to use where the boat is narrower.

         Eagle 1 was launched in October 2019 after teacher Dan Kane finished the skiff for use in his Experiential Education and Outdoor Leadership class and other courses at GSA. Click here to read more about the launch of Eagle 1 in the Fall 2019 issue of Matters.

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