• Reports to School Boards

    Several times every year, Head of School Tim Seeley presents reports to the school boards of our sending towns and others to keep them informed about what's going on at GSA and the issues we face. Here, we share the most recent reports. Click on the report date to view the PDF. 


    January 2023: trustee news, campus news, finances, facilities, from the boarding program

    December 2022:  trustee news, campus news, finances, facilities, student highlights, coming events

    November 2022: trustee news, campus news, finances, facilities, student highlights

    October 2022: trustee news, campus news, finances, advancement, facilities

    September 2022: orientation, summer work, boarding update, new faculty and staff

    June 2022: COVID-19, Arts Fest, college and career Counseling, end of year

    May 2022: COVID-19, student mental health, spring athletics

    March 2022: COVID-19, ISIP, welding program

    January 2022: COVID-19, end-of-semester, activities

    December 2021: COVID-19 and other updates

    November 2021: Covid update, academics, state testing, mental health and well-being, fall athletics

    October 2021: Covid update, teacher coaching, attendance policy, senior hike, advisory

    September 2021: Orientation, supporting students, block schedule, advisory, new faculty and staff, opening numbers, sports

    May 2021: Bringing more students to campus, end of year, prom, athletics

    February 2021: Academic progress, COVID-19 (month of report corrected to February)

    December 2020: Intervention plan for struggling students

    November 2020: Assessment of learning thus far 

    August 2020: Our opening plans

    July 2020: Planning for the fall, advancing social justice