• Martin Conte '11

    English, Steel Band Teacher

    M.A., English, The University of Maine

    B.A., English, minor in Writing, The University of Southern Maine


    In His Words

    Since graduating from GSA, my topsy-turvy path always seemed to lead me back to Blue Hill, and I'm thrilled to be joining the English faculty this year. That path has led me around the globe, from visiting silverback gorillas in Uganda to playing music with the great steel bands of Trinidad.  But not all of my paths have been physical. I've also been pursuing the uncharted territory of language, and I have a lot of enthusiasm for how much discovery still awaits us in writing and reading. I hope to instill in my students this same enthusiasm and help them realize the unlimited potential of their own voices. 
    When I'm not in the classroom, I'm swimming (through winter!), writing, scrutinizing films and television, and playing music. I also enjoy crafting culinary inventions. I live by a motto from Czeslaw Milosz: "Day draws near/ another one/ do what you can."