• GSA Students Fare Well in Software Contest

    Four GSA students are among six recognized for the outstanding software projects they entered into a software competition open to high school-aged teens in the Blue Hill Peninsula area. Pioneer Prize competitors are matched with mentors who support them in the competition.

         Sam Bach '22, from Surry, won first prize, $3,000, for his "retro-futuristic clock incorporating cathode (nixie) tubes," according to the Pioneer Prize website. Sam worked with mentor Scott Miller.

         Ian Bowden '23, of Orland, won second prize, $1,500, "for his cross-platform real-time transportation tracker, so that he and his friends would 'never miss the bus again.'" Ian's mentor was Eli Baird.

         Chloe Sheahan '22, from Sedgwick, won $500 for her "web-based personal environmental-impact tracker." Chloe worked with Eric Sabo. She shared third prize with Gavin Eaton of Deer Isle-Stonington High School.

         Daniel Lekan-Salami '22, of Mississauga, Ontario, worked with Scott Miller on a project that earned him a $100 honorable mention. Colton Harriman of Deer Isle-Stonington High School also won an honorable mention.

         Sam and Chloe were two of last year's Pioneer Prize winners. Last year, Sam created a roving security monitoring system, and Chloe worked with another student to create a quiz game show. 

         The Pioneer Prize was "established by members of the community to motivate and celebrate the remarkable capacity of our young people to forge new pathways of economic opportunity," according to the website.

         Congratulations, all!