• 2000 to 2019

    Alumni, you'll find updates here from this year and prior years. More recent class updates are listed first under each class year. Do you have news to share? Email alumni@georgestevens.org or fill out an online alumni profile update form here: www.georgestevensacademy.org/alumniprofile.

    Class of 2000

         Toby Cole oversees the Jobs for Maine Graduates program at Calais High School. (Added July 2020)

         Peter Collier and John Lewandsowski are co-owners of the Brooklin Inn. (Added July 2020)

         Erin McCormick and Sally Mills '85 performed in New Surry Theatre’s staged reading of God of Carnage, described by NST as “Yasmina Reza's Tony and Olivier Award-winning play, translated by Christopher Hampton, directed by Bryan Lescord, as two sets of parents try to resolve a playground fight between their eleven-year-old sons—without getting into a feud themselves!” The reading was a big hit, and there are plans in the works to offer a full performance of the play. (From Summer 2019)


    Erin McCormick and Sally Mills

    Erin McCormick, left, and Sally Mills.


    Class of 2001

         Erika Smith Machtinger, assistant professor of veterinary entomology, wrote: “I accepted a tenure-track position at Penn State in 2017 and have set up my lab (www.machtingerlab.com) with a research focus of understanding host-parasite relationships to develop better control methods. The Washington Post reached out to me about a newer project, understanding the ecology of Sarcoptic mange cases in American black bears, and an article was published last year and taken up by the Bangor Daily News. Another project, relevant to Maine, is evaluating tick control methods. Maine is near the top in incidence of Lyme disease infection corrected for population. I led the control project while a post-doc at the USDA in Beltsville, Maryland but am not a collaborator on the 5-year project. We recently received some press for this project, as well.” (From Summer 2019)


    Erika Machtinger


    Class of 2005

         Cait Robinson directed the play "The Clean House," which opened to rave reviews at the Portland Stage. Steve Feeney of the Portland Press Herald said that “Director Cait Robinson captures the author’s magical way of combining broad and subtle humor with a heartwarming message.” (Added July 2020)

    Class of 2007

         Kevin Smith and business partner Ruth Hamlin celebrated the first anniversary of Smith's True Fitness, a fitness faciliy in Augusta, earlier this year. Kevin always wanted to be a personal trainer, and even spent four years trying to become a professional MMA fighter before he grew concerned about head trauma. Visit www.smithstruefitness.com for more information. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 2008

         Dylan Stewart spends a lot of time in the water and takes inspiration from what he sees there to create pyrographic pieces of art for his South Portland business, Bold Coast Burns. Though Dylan gets some help from his wife, Katie, he wears a lot of hats in managing his business, its website, and more. He credits Mrs. Greene's art classes for keeping him engaged with learning at GSA. Visit boldcoastburns.com. (Added July 2020)


    Dylan Stewart and shark

    Dylan Stewart holding one of his shark woodburns.


         MinPyo Kim graduated from Seoul National University in February with a Master of Arts in Economics. MinPyo, one of GSA's first boarding students, earned a bachelor's degree in business administration at The George Washington University School of Business before returning to South Korea for graduate study. He is pictured with his then-fiancee, now wife, Joo Eun An. (From Summer 2019)


    MinPyo Kim


    Class of 2009

         Lilian Day Thorpe was recently promoted to assistant director of Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York City. She also has been working steadily on her personal art career. (Added July 2020)


    Moon Chase by Lilian Day Thorpe

    “Moon Chase,” 2019, photomontage, 12-by-16 inches, by Lilian Day Thorpe.


         Kelly Cutler lives in Manhattan. She has taught Krav Maga, "the close-quarters combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces," in New York and around New England, including at GSA's Arts Fest last year. She also has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competing in tournaments. "I'm eager to expand my abiliities, my knowledge, and my community, so please do reach out if you'd like to connect! Instagram: @kravmachine." (From Summer 2019)


    Kelly Cutler

    Kelly Cutler, center.


    Class of 2010

         Jesus Henares Duclos is a competitive triathlete. While at GSA, Jesus never imagined giving up soccer for another sport, but he has competed in Ironman Triathlons around the world and is training now to get into the next World Championships. (Added July 2020)


    Jesus Henares Duclos in South Africa

    Jesus Henares Duclos competing in an Ironman Triathlon in South Africa.


         Dustin Piskura recently received his chief engineer’s license for unlimited horsepower motors from the U.S. Coast Guard. He lives in Bartow, Florida, with his wife and three dogs. Currently, he works for Crowley Maritime as the chief engineer aboard the U.S. Oceans-owned, deep sea heavy lift vessel Ocean Jazz. Its power plant consists of two medium speed diesel engines with a combined 12,000 horsepower, two 600 kW auxiliary generators, one 275 kW emergency generator, and all the auxiliary equipment required to move a deep sea vessel. The Ocean Jazz is considered what mariners call a "tramp ship,” and it carries mostly military cargo around the Pacific Ocean, from Alaska to Hawaii, Australia to Japan, and everywhere in between. (Added July 2020)


    Dustin Piskura in Engine Room

    Dustin Piskura in the Ocean Jazz engine room.


    Class of 2011

         Sam Eley wrote: “For the last two years, I've been living in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, working for the organization Healthy Kids/Brighter Future. We work with the Zambian government to help over 80,000 students in the lowest-income parts of the city access primary health services by training school teachers to screen sick children, provide referrals to the closest health center, and conduct health education. I'm returning to the U.S. in June to attend Harvard Medical School, finally embarking on the journey to becoming a doctor that I first dreamed about while a junior at GSA.” (From Summer 2019)


    Sam Eley


    Class of 2012

         Courtney Koos sailed for Bowdoin College. Until the coronavirus pandemic, she was part of the crew of the 58-foot Maiden that was making a 30-month voyage around the world to promote access to education for girls. The Maiden Factor World Tour began in the U.K. in the fall of 2018. Before the pandemic brought the tour to a stop, it was expected to end in the Mediterranean in May of 2021 after making 23 stops in 14 counties. (Added July 2020)

         Kara van Emmerik is a busy chef. This year, she launched her own baking business, Honey and Lace Baking Co. She can bake anything, but specializes in bagels and custom cakes. Look for her on Facebook (honeyandlacebakingco). Kara is in her fifth year as sous chef and adjunct faculty member in the Culinary Arts program at Eastern Maine Community College, her alma mater.  During the summer months, you can find Kara at Aragosta at Goose Cove working as the pastry chef. (Added July 2020)


    Kara van Emmerik dessert

    A dessert creation by Kara van Emmerik.


    Class of 2013

         Maddie Heilner graduated from Clark University with an MBA and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, an international honors society for business students. "I plan to pursue a career in human resources, with the goal of completing my professional in human resources certificate within the next two years. (From Summer 2019)


    Maddie Heilner


         Former GSA Development intern Megan Malaby is a board relations officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which "offers world-class care to patients from around the globe." Megan connects with board members, patients, families, and friends to grow their engagement and philanthropy. "I am endlessly grateful for the lessons I learned in my time as a student at GSA and an intern in the Office of Development." (From Summer 2019)

    Class of 2014

         Cooper Smallidge and Clover Slagle were married last year. Among the GSA alumni attending were Maizie Smallidge, Catherine Nevin, Savannah Leaf, Cedar Slagle, Caroline Yates, Olivia Henriques, Brionna Blodgett, Anthony Bianco, Nate Cole, Peter Howell, Hank Vinall, and Gavin Rogers. Also at the wedding were current GSA students Teague Smallidge and Autumn Roseberry(Added July 2020)

         Congratulations to Jodi Murphy and her fiancé, Dakota, on the birth of their daughter, Elliana, who was five months old in May. (From Summer 2019)


    Jodi Murphy

    Class of 2015

         Finn Davis-Batt visited GSA in April to recruit participants in a Bowdoin College class project researching temperament in early adolescents. The class is reworking a previously developed questionnaire. "Our task [was] to redefine constructs (such as shyness, irritability, etc.) and rewrite questions to accurately assess them." (From Summer 2019)

         Charcy Ye graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. After graduation, she took a road trip on the West Coast. In June, she participated in a yoga-meditation camp in India. In September, she will start a job at the Shanghai office of AlphaSight. (From Summer 2019)


    Charcy Ye


    Class of 2016

         Brianna Saad is a clothing designer who studied at the London College of Fashion and completed a 6-month internship with Nepalese-American designer Prabal Gurung of New York. (Added July 2020)

         Grace Hylan spent the spring semester abroad with NOLS India, a backpacking adventure and cultural immersion program in the Indian Himalaya. In March, the group celebrated the Holi Festival of Colors, an ancient Hindu tradition heralding the arrival of spring and signifying the triumph of good over evil. (From Summer 2019)


    Grace Hylan


         Griffin Shute will travel abroad this fall to study acting at the Moscow Art Theater, a program offered through the National Theater Institute. (From Summer 2019)

    Class of 2017

         Beckett Slayton, a rising senior at Bowdoin College, also is a member of the Maine Climate Council, “an assembly of scientists, industry leaders, bipartisan local and state officials, and engaged citizens,” according to the council website. One aim of the council is to develop a plan for the state to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. One of seven college students on the council, Beckett is a member of the Transportation Working Group. (Added July 2020)

         Jackson Billings attends Trine University, where he studies sports management, hoping to work in pro sports. This summer, he will work for the Fort Wayne Tincaps, an affiliate of the San Diego Padres. He plays trumpet in the Trine jazz band, where he met the football team's varsity kicker, who encouraged him to join the team, which went undefeated on the way to its second MIAA championship in a row. "I honestly feel like I've found another family on this team." (From Summer 2019)


    Jackson Billings


    Class of 2017

         Steven Wang, Oscar Sun, and Berlioz Xu visited GSA this spring and updated us on their studies. Oscar is studying economics at Ohio State University in Columbus. Steven is at Loyola University Chicago majoring in international business. Berlioz is studying math and computer science at Penn State, where he participated on the Debate Team and qualified for a national competition. (From Summer 2019)


    Steven Oscar Berlioz