• 1980 to 1999

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    Class of 1985

         Sally Mills and Erin McCormick ’00 performed in New Surry Theatre’s staged reading of God of Carnage, described by NST as “Yasmina Reza's Tony and Olivier Award-winning play, translated by Christopher Hampton, directed by Bryan Lescord, as two sets of parents try to resolve a playground fight between their eleven-year-old sons—without getting into a feud themselves!” The reading was a big hit, and there are plans in the works to offer a full performance of the play. (From Summer 2019)


    Erin McCormick and Sally Mills


    Class of 1988

         Fred Cole is the principal of Surry Elementary School and lives in Sedgwick. He has five adult boys, all graduates of GSA. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1991

         Lydia (Gray) Garrant lives in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, with her husband and two teenage children and works at MilliporeSigma. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1992

         Molly Wanning Cooper wrote: “I’m still in San Francisco, still running over to the ballpark a couple of times a week, and still living in the same one-block radius in SoMa as twenty years ago! Our daughter, Dinah, 11, attends an arts-focused charter school and is wild about crafts. After many years in brand and visual design as a freelancer, I’ve shifted over to more of an experience design role as an employee. I joined the mortgage software company Roostify a couple of years ago and still—surprisingly with such dry subject matter—enjoy it. The people are wonderful, and the work is fun and challenging. Every year or two, I seem to take up a local pro-bono logo project. Last year was Blue Hill Community Development and this year is Friends of the Blue Hill Public Library—hopefully that will come to fruition this summer. I recently had a lovely visit from Karen McHugh ’92 and her husband, James, from Atlanta; she hasn’t changed a bit! I’d love to see some old GSA friends in July when my husband, daughter, and I will be in town. (From Summer 2019)


    Molly Wanning Cooper


    Class of 1994     

         Jason Lepper is an arborist living in Blue Hill. He has two teenage boys. Son Cole is a current student at GSA. (Added July 2020)

         Mandy (Pert) Ladd lives in Brooksville with her husband and two of her three children. Her third and oldest, Jasmine, is a nurse. (Added July 2020)

         Jerry Gray lives in Brooksville with his wife and two kids. Jack is a current GSA student. (Added July 2020)

         Cammie Fowler is the principal at Brooksville Elementary School. (Added July 2020)

         Matt Haney lives in Northeast Harbor and works as principal of MDI high school. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1996

         Liza (Gray) Saturley (cousin) lives in Iowa with her husband and three boys - the third, Guy, was born this spring. (Added July 2020)

         Tim Pert lives in Penobscot with his wife, Jenny (Manyak) '00, son Brady, and daughter Cadence. He is a third-generation lobsterman. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1997

         Betsy (Lepper) Woodward is a physical education teacher and athletic director at Deer Isle-Stonington High School. (Added July 2020)

         David Rackliffe lives in Ellsworth working as a third-generation mason and doing some woodworking. (Added July 2020)

         Jeremy Byrd lives in Warren with his wife and two teenage daughters. He works at Warren Associates in Bucksport, a family business. (Added July 2020)

         James and Emily (Lewandowski) Hildebrand live in Orono with their two children. James is chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1998

         Emily (Martin) Jones lives with her husband and two children in Connecticut and works as a civil engineer. Her husband performed weekly acoustic livestreams of his music on Facebook during the pandemic. (Added July 2020)

         Owen Newkirk lives in McKinney, Texas, married with a son. Owen is the play-by-play voice for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League. (Added July 2020)

         Jamilyn (Murphy) Hughes lives in Glenburn with her husband and son and works for Northern Light Health. (Added July 2020)

         Mary Katherine O’Brien wrote: “I enjoyed running into Señora Buckingham in Blue Hill in April and telling her in person that my high-school Spanish set the foundation for my current work at the Center for Animal Health & Food Safety at the University of Minnesota, where I am a Researcher for Education and Outreach. My team has spent the last 3 years developing a capacity-building program for veterinary service professionals who monitor animal health for food production and access to international trade markets in South America. There is no way I could make it through daily life and work travel without the language skills I began learning at GSA. Special thanks to Señora for being such an innovative and fun teacher—it was so great to see her!” (From Summer 2019)


    Mary Katherine O'Brien


    Class of 1999

         Kate Kennedy teaches social studies at GSA. She’s always searching for ways to bring history alive for her students. On January 1, 2020, she represented Maine at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, for a reenactment of a woman’s suffrage march. Their float was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. At the parade, she walked alongside marchers represnting other states, including descendants of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida B. Wells, and Susan B. Anthony. (Added July 2020)