• 1960 to 1979

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    Class of 1964

         The Power of Love, a memoir by Suzanne Woodward Fenders, explores the life of a military family with a VACTERL Association child. She wrote it with the hope of inspiring other families who struggle with a child’s unusual health issues. Nathan was born at Blue Hill hospital needing immediate surgery. The book records how he handled this life, and how the family responded to his health needs. The reader will find stories of growing up in Blue Hill as well as travels of a military family. The book is available locally at Blue Hill Books, Sleighbell Shop, and Elizabeth’s, and on Amazon and Kindle.

         Sue grew up in Blue Hill and graduated from University of Southern Maine in Gorham. She taught school music classes and private piano lessons. She and her husband live in Blue Hill. He is retired after 30 years of military service, and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Sue is the church organist of Blue Hill Baptist Church. (From Summer 2019)


    Suzanne Woodward Fenders


    Class of 1967

         David Allen is doing well; his sons are keeping watch from a distance. (Added July 2020)

         Nan Snow Beal has sold her home in Ellsworth and has moved in with her son in Massachusetts for the time being. She reports that she’s doing well. (Added July 2020)

         GSA Class Agent Belinda Carter worked remotely this spring as an ed tech. Belinda reports that she has heard from friends from other classes who were also doing well: Bonnie Paulas, Sylvia Tapley, Joan Rackliffe. Belinda would like to hear from others and asks to stay in touch! (Added July 2020)

         Vivian Leach Grindle is doing fine. (Added July 2020)

         John Healey was actually looking forward to mowing and painting last time I talked with him! (Added July 2020)

         Patricia Leach Hutchins is taking care of her mother-in-law as well as her vegetables and flowers. Patricia was able to open the Wilson Museum in Castine with social distancing guidelines. (Added July 2020)

         Chris Piper Lamb self-quarantined for 14 days after returning from Florida, riding home by car with friends from Maine instead of flying. (Added July 2020)

         Deirdre Taylor Morris is keeping her classmates laughing with her social media posts! (Added July 2020)

         Ralph Staples has recovered from a serious eye injury that happened while exercising, and he says he’s getting back to the “new normal.” (Added July 2020)

         Thomas Woodward is trucking three or four trips a week to Massachusetts and Connecticut while trying to take healthy precautions. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1969

         Allen Cole is self-quarantining at his home in Sedgwick. He's safe and well, and almost enjoying the quarantine life too much! (Added July 2020)

         Louise Holyoke is happy to have the company of a puppy at her home in Orrington. (Added July 2020)

    Class of 1979

         Richard Leach wrote that “as of January, I have started a new business in the Ellsworth area and hope to expand to other towns down the road. Your Extra Hand is a delivery, shopping, and errands service.” Services include food deliveries, grocery shopping, and dropping items off at places like Goodwill. (From Summer 2019)