• Mr. O awards


    Mr. O Presents Awards Online

    Music is a big way that GSA connects our students with our community.

         We expected to spend the better part of May 21 preparing to welcome families, alumni, friends, and neighbors to a campus blooming with spring flowers for our annual Spring Concerts.

         Well, we may not be able to put on a show, but that won’t stop us from celebrating the accomplishments of many of our young musicians. Though Music Director Steve Orlofsky usually presents his music awards during the Spring Concerts, this year, he had to do things differently. And he got some help with this video from, you guessed it, Tate Yoder ’15.

         So click the link below, sit back, and watch Mr. O as he recounts the incredible performances this school year by the GSA Band, Jazz Band, jazz combos, and Holiday Angels, and then presents his Outstanding Musician awards.

         Don’t forget to subscribe to the George Stevens Academy YouTube channel while you’re there.

         To watch the video, click this link: https://youtu.be/OOu_kXMW9VE