• Galileo exhibit

    The top of the center panel of the group's exhibit on Galileo Galilei.


    Galileo Exhibit Third in State Contest

    A trio of GSA students won third place in the Senior Group Exhibits category of the Maine Virtual National History Day Contest held on May 2 for their exhibit about barriers broken by Galileo Galilei and those who laid the foundation for his work.

         “In all my years with this program,” said history teacher Kate Kennedy ’99, “I have had students place with documentaries, papers, websites, and performances, but never with an exhibit, as it is the most competitive category.”

         Khang Ung ’20, Chi Nguyen ’21, and Khang Nguyen ’22 chose their topic while in calculus class. They wondered why so many theorems and laws were published by notable scientists after the 17th century, but not before, even though great minds must have been exploring the natural world and the cosmos for generations before.

         Their exhibit, “Galileo Set New Grounds for Modern Physics,” explores the efforts of Galileo and his predecessors to build an understanding of our world and the solar system while facing fierce opposition from the Catholic Church. It also reveals some of the advancements in modern physics that would not have been possible if it were not for Galileo’s work.

         “A lot of things we take for granted today, like our understanding of the solar system, maps, etc., wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for Galileo,” said Khang Ung, who is a big fan of NASA. Teammate Khang Nguyen “loves Copernicus,” whose work is related to that of his pen-pal Galileo. Chi Nguyen hopes to satisfy her interest in telescopes with a visit to the Museo Gallileo in Florence one day.

         “We would like to thank Mrs. Kennedy,” said Khang Ung, “for introducing this competition to us. She has been really supportive.”

         Visit https://sites.google.com/maine.edu/nhd-in-me-state-contest/categories for a virtual showcase of all the projects that advanced to the state competition. “Space Race,” by Amelia Griffith ’21, competed in the Senior Individual Exhibits category.

         Congratulations to all who competed!