• Mr. Orlofsky Documentary Image

    Image from themroproject.com


    Tate Yoder Crowdsourcing Stories

    Tate Yoder '15 is producing a documentary about Steve Orlofsky, the single biggest force in building GSA's reputation for music excellence, and he needs help from the thousands of students, parents, staff, and community members who have been impacted by Mr. O's passion for music education. 

         Visit https://themroproject.com to learn more about the documentary, to submit your story, and to read stories already shared by Molly (Gross) Varnum ’95, Matty Harris ‘97, Kate Durost ‘03, and more.

         Check out Tate’s video introducing his crowdsourcing effort at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWHS88lrYBU.

         Tate, we look forward to seeing the documentary and all the love that our community has for Mr. O. Thanks for doing this!

         And if you know someone else with stories to tell, share this story with them!