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    The Power of Planned Giving

    Education Forever. It started with a gift from George.


    Blue Hill shipbuilder George Stevens was keenly concerned about educational opportunities for students on this peninsula. For years George supported Bluehill Academy, but towards the end of his life he was determined to provide for a bolder, more inclusive educational vision. His will, dated 1852, appointed five trustees, entrusting them with land, his “homestead and appurtenances,” and generous funds “to erect, when they deem it expedient, a suitable and convenient building for an Academy, for the purposes of education forever.”


    Following the death of George’s widow, the trustees made good on George’s will, and George Stevens Academy opened in 1898. In the 120 years since then, George’s vision of education forever has shaped the lives of thousands of students living in Blue Hill and surrounding towns.


    Providing for GSA through an estate gift started with George, and has been followed by many thoughtful and transformative acts of philanthropy, all founded on a conviction that GSA’s mission to educate our communities’ high school students is worth preserving. Gifts like those from Jerold ’33 and Diana Hinckley, Marion Dash ’35, Frank Wanning, Katrina Parson, and so many others, have helped build a permanent endowment that supplements tuition revenue and supports improvements in facilities and program.


    The George Stevens Legacy Society commemorates George’s founding legacy and honors all those who choose to make gifts to GSA through their estates.


    If you have already included GSA in a bequest or other planned gift, we hope you will let us know so that we can welcome you as a member of the George Stevens Legacy Society. Director of Advancement Rada Starkey (r.starkey@georgestevens.org) will happily assist you to answer any questions you may have.


    Click here to download a Letter of Intent should you wish to make a planned gift.