• Every GSA Ensemble Advances

    UPDATE: THE FESTIVAL HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY THE MMEA. A virtual jazz festival was announced soon after, and our four ensembles performed for Tate Yoder's cameras on March 13. Those videos were submitted, and we hope to have the results by April 25.

    WATCH THESE VIDEOS ONLINE! Here are links to each group's submissions to the virtual festival. 

    Big D’s Septet: https://youtu.be/XEKKSIOTE_A

    District 6 Regional results

         The GSA Jazz Band, composed of Erika Hipsky on alto sax and flute, Margaret Nevin on alto sax, Jenna Blodgett on tenor sax, Ian Bowden on tenor sax, Will Kaiser on tenor sax, Ian Howell on baritone sax, Gabe Hall on trumpet, Dawsen Astbury on trumpet, Will MacArthur on trumpet, Kelly McKay on trumpet, Duncan Howell on trombone, Chloe Sheahan on trombone, Nora Spratt on trombone, Joseph Mitchell on guitar, Morgan Davis on vibes, Juliette Claybaugh on piano, Quinn Stabler on bass and Zeke Sacaridiz on drums, earned a gold rating.

         Soloist certificate awards were presented to these jazz band members: Astbury, Davis, Hall, Hipsky, Duncan Howell, Ian Howell, Mitchell and Sacaridiz.

         The GSA combo Melodious Thunk, composed of Hipsky on alto sax and flute, Hall on trumpet, Ian Howell on bari sax, Duncan Howell on trombone, Mitchell on guitar, Stabler on bass guitar and Sacaridiz on drums and vocals, also earned gold. Soloist awards went to Hall, Hipsky, Duncan Howell, Ian Howell, Mitchell, Sacaridiz and Stabler.

         The GSA combo River of Jazz, composed of MacArthur on trumpet, McKay on trumpet, Nevin on alto sax, Blodgett on tenor sax and vocals, Hunter Sargent on guitar, Davis on piano, Emily Whiting on bass guitar and West Hope on drums, earned a bronze rating. Soloist awards went to MacArthur, McKay, Blodgett, Sargent, Davis and Hope.

         GSA's Big D’s Septet, composed of Astbury on trumpet, Jillian Eldridge on alto sax, Will Kaiser on tenor sax, Amara Birdsall on vocals, Grace Broughton on piano, Andy Hipsky on bass guitar and Tony Esposito on drums, also earned a bronze rating. Soloist awards went to Astbury, Eldridge, Birdsall, Broughton, Hipsky and Esposito.

         Ensembles from Brewer, Bucksport, Ellsworth, MDI and Shead also competed at the district festival. Combos advancing to state competition from those schools were MDI’s Finger Lickers, Milkmen and The Gallery; Bucksport’s Spread Too Thin and Kitchen Sink; Brewer 1 and Brewer 2; Ellsworth’s Rhythm Wall and Viable Frequency; and Shead.

         Jazz bands from Brewer, Ellsworth and MDI also advanced.