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World History Projects (a parrot, paint, and peach tea)
What are your wishes for 2021?
GSA's virtual Holiday Concert for 2020
GSA Band members song of the week from Dec. 10, 2020
How does it feel to be back? (1:11, 2020-21)
What has been your favorite part of the school year so far? What could you not live without? What frustrates you and how do you cope? What makes you smile? (4 clips, 3:52, 2019-2020)
Who has made you feel welcome? What's your favorite holiday? Do you have any plans for [winter] break? (4 clips, 3:42, 2019-2020)
A clip from Aiden Young's Dance class project
What are your New Year's resolutions?
What are your plans for Winter Break?
Counselor Hector Sapien shares his thoughts in October 2020 (3:12)
Four seniors share advice for 9th-graders (2:48, 2020-21)
Would you like to thank anyone at GSA? (3 clips, 2:41, 2019-2020)
Does pineapple belong on pizza? If you could have a superpower, what would it be? What are you afraid of? (3 clips, 2:56, 2019-2020)