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George Stevens Academy

A World of Learning on the Maine Coast

 We did it!
We surpassed our goal of 150 Giving Day donations
and earned an additional $10,000 for meeting the challenge!
GSA received a total of 199 gifts in response to the Giving Day effort,
including online gifts through midnight and donations that were mailed on June 7.
Over 90 people attended our on-campus event throughout the day,
including teachers and staff, parents, alumni, friends, and students!
We loved visiting with all of you.
The success of Giving Day helped us reach our overall Annual Fund goal of $180,000
for the July 2015-June 2016 fiscal year.
Many thanks to all who have joined in support of GSA this year! 
 we did it
What was Giving Day? Check out these FAQs.
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